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The leading provider in trade credit services.

The leading provider in trade credit services

At NCI, we have established ourselves as the leading trade credit insurance provider in Australia and New Zealand. Our offices extend to all major capital cities in Australia, Auckland, Wellington and Singapore. This international presence ensures we have the most up to date and accurate information on any business around the globe.

Trade credit insurance is a highly specialised area of insurance. Over our 30 years of experience, we have developed an unmatched depth of expertise in arranging the right protection, at the best price, for your needs.

What is trade credit insurance?

What is trade credit insurance? Trade credit insurance protects your debtor’s ledger, one of the largest assets your business can carry.

Even the most rigorous and disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts, any business with these exposures should ensure they are protected with trade credit imsurance. Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve does not replace monies lost, whereas trade credit insurance puts cash back in your hands.

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